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Software Engineer
Number of Hiring:1
Job Responsibilities:

1.Investigation of chip function(CPU,layer2/3swithch,GE-PON,VDSL,WIRELESS LAN),chip testing and appraisal
2.R&D of software in related drive program of hardware, internet protocol, abstract layer of plug-in type system software.
3.Responsible for the design and development of intelligent equipment software.
4.Responsible for the development of WINCE software.
5.teract and work with testing and hardware engineer, to ensure thatthe performance indexes meet the product requirements.

Hardware Engineer
Number of Hiring:1
Job Responsibilities:

1.Sales staff , achieve the quantized job requirement by superior leadship and supervision as well as independently solution.
2.Be able to develop customer resources, Look for potential customers. and responsible to achieve sales targets .
3. Sign the sale’s contract, direct, coordinate, check any concerned account and record, assist the transportation, etc. 
4. Resolving customer complaints regarding to sales and services.
5. Propose any guidance for the R&D of products,from the demand of sale and customers

Operations Manager
Number of Hiring:1
Job Responsibilities:

1.Be responsible for operation and management of T-mall store, setting operation scheme and goals,and executing strategies.
2.According to the sales target, develop resource plan, activity plans,promotion plan and check the implementation situation.
3.Be responsible for the daily data, including traffic, click-through rate, reversion rate, and other re-purchase rate and form reports by tables ,then offer suggestions for improvement.
4.Be able to decorate the T-mall shop,and design the informations of the productions and fomulate the brand by analyzing the needs of customers.
5. Be able to analyze user‘s experiences, business process and team performance and offer suggestions for improvement.
6.Be responsible for plans and executions of the activities ,and promations of the T-mall, and be responsible for resources planning, development, execution of all cooperation resources.
7.Be able to formulate and execute the technical solutions and implementation plans of the shop.
8.Good at managing and encouraging colleagues of the team.
9.Can plan the development of the T-mall shop.
10. Responsible for team building and management of store operations.

Foreign Sales Manager
Number of Hiring:1
Job Responsibilities:

1.sales management position, responsible for their functional areas with the main objectives and plan,participate in or facilitate the upper executor;
2.responsible for the daily management and subordinates management, guidance, training and assessment;
3.create, Optimize business processes and business operation management systems;
4.formulate the company's trading business goals, led the implementation of the work plan;
5.collected relevant market trends, changes in demand and customer feedback data.

Foreign trade salesman
Number of Hiring:1
Job Responsibilities:

1, Responsible for foreign sales of solar power generation systems and related products;
2, Sales staff, under the leadership and supervision of superior finish quantified work requirements, and can independently deal with tasks;
3, In accordance with the operating procedures and management of the company's trading business system implementation and follow-up supervision trading business;
4, To assist the implementation of the company's trading business objectives, work plans;
5, Complete other tasks assigned by superior

Technical Supervisor
Number of Hiring:1
Job Responsibilities:

1.responsible for development, introduction and application of new technologies and new product
2.sponsible for the company's technical checks, management,research and development
3.coordinating all matters of technology department with others
4, assisting technical director to improve the company's products technical specifications.

Domestic salesman
Number of Hiring:1
Job Responsibilities:

1. Achieve the quantized job requirement by superior leadship and supervision as well as independently solution.
2. Open market for the potential customers as the target.
3. Sign the sale’s contract, direct, coordinate, check any concerned account and record, assist the transportation, etc. 
4. Solve the complain regarding to sales and services.
5. Propose any guidance for the R&D of products,from the demand of sale and customers.

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